About Us


Real Estate Growth Partners offers a full suite of real estate services, from brokerage to insurance and investment, we have you covered. Our solutions are based on accurately identifying current market conditions, understanding and anticipating potential challenges and carefully evaluating both the short and long-term goals of each client’s unique situation.

Lori and Derek have over 40 years of real estate experience in brokerage, development and marketing. They entered the Airbnb market over 4 years ago with one property and managed to build their portfolio each year through buying and holding their own properties and managing select other properties.

At Real Estate Growth Partners, we specialize in innovative and creative solutions for complex real estate problems and have been a member of a number of organizations which provide extensive market knowledge both at a local and national level.

Over the years we have been engaged in diverse real estate transactions. In the end we know how to close, finance, build and grow.

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